This page is a web gallery of some local hikes I have taken with friends in  Colorado. My hope is to provide experience information as well, but this is not intended as a route guide, rather as an enticement to experience it for yourself! :)

Queen's Canyon (Summer 2004) - Two separate excursions, one to the "bowls" up the actual Queen's Canyon, the other experiencing the mountains and  views available from the Glen Eyrie estate in Colorado Springs.


Various rock formations within the estate


Glen Eryie Castle


Camp Creek emerging from Queens Canyon


Waterfall within Queens Canyon...a hidden gem in Colorado Springs


"The Bowls" - Sculpted rock formations


The "quick" way down the canyon


Rock arch through which the trail goes.


View towards "The Scar", an old limestone mine, now a wildlife habitat.


Found - Late Model Audi 1.8T (Strange!)


Pikes Peak with an early season snow cover


View towards rock formations and N. Colo Sprgs.


View towards Garden of the Gods (from above)

Mount Rosa (Spring 2005) - 11,499' peak, part of the Pikes Peak massif,  the third tallest peak in the Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak region. Nice 6.5 mile  hike from Gold Camp Rd to this conical shaped summit that intrigued me for many  years. Interesting weather day as you shall see.


Waterfall near Frosty Park, below Mt Rosa (seen in background)


View from the summitt, note the cloud cover below...Colorado Springs is under there!


More of the sea of clouds from the summitt


Almagre (Baldy) Peak from summitt, which is the 2nd highest local peak


Random dead tree scenery...the summitt is located at timberline.


Mount Rosa from below (Frosty Park)

 Much more to come!

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